What is Ultimate Tender Coach?

Ultimate Tender Coach is a unique bid writing training programme created to help businesses win more UK public contracts.

It includes access to a comprehensive online training platform covering the entire end-to-end bid life cycle. The programme contains over 25 hours of video content and learning materials, supported by weekly coaching calls with a bid specialist and online access to an experts’ forum.

It is designed for businesses who want to win more public contracts, give their tenders a boost or just want to know where and how to start winning work in the UK public sector.

Frequently asked questions

Who are AM Bid?
Ultimate Tender Coach is delivered by AM Bid, one of the UK's leading bidding and tender consultancies. We constantly achieve 80%+ bid success rates for local, regional and national organisations on contracts worth anything from £50K to £500m. We offer a wide range of services from bid writing and management to gap analysis and recruitment support. To find out more
What are the module topics?
The course content takes you through: 1. Identifying Public Sector Opportunities you can WIN - An introduction to public sector bidding, where to look for opportunities, what the procurement process looks like, jargon busters and how to decide which opportunities to bid for. 2. Building a Bid Library - An overview of what a bid library is, how to create one and keep it up to date and how to develop key repurposable content, case studies, CVs, method statements, evidencing documents etc. to save you time when creating bids 3. Bid Kick Off and Developing Win Themes - Exploring what a bid kick off is and why it is important, who is evaluating your bid, identifying client hot buttons, defining your win themes and the importance of clarification questions. 4. Understanding the Question - How to analyse and dissect the questions, structure the responses and your value proposition and how to write clearly and persuasively. 5. Commercials - A consideration of contracts and specifications, understanding the requirements, measures, risks and penalties, pricing strategies, what a variant bid is and how to develop them. 6. Review, Refine and Final Checks - A look at the critical importance of review gates, their purpose, who does them and when, review goals, outputs and next steps, post-review activity and final approval and sign off. 7. Post Submission - what happens next? - Understanding post-bid reviews, lessons learned, next steps, how to secure evaluation feedback, how to use it and how to challenge an award decision. 8. Wrap Up and Next Level Bidding - Examining bid own goals, helpful hints and tips for bid winning success, advanced bidding and marginal gains and moving to the next level by professionalising your bid function.
How do you access it?
The programme is accessed online via a learning portal. The optional weekly group Q&A coaching sessions will be delivered over Zoom and the members club is a LinkedIn private group.
How does it work?
You watch the video modules and complete the action items. Ask questions in the members club or on the live group Q&A calls. Follow the process and get results.
What is the time commitment?
• Course length – 8 programmes of approx. 3 hours • Time commitment - 25 hours of coaching videos and action items • Course content - 8-week training programme consisting of 27 modules covering 146 topics supported with over 30 action items • Coaching calls (optional) – 1 hour a week which equals over 50 hours of additional expert bid advice • Duration: You have access to the online course for 36 months with 12 months access to the coaching calls and members club
When does it start?
Because Ultimate Tender Coach is an online course, it starts the moment you sign up. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish.
Why does it exist?
Many smaller businesses need more support when it comes to public sector bidding as it is not easy to do well. Improving your knowledge and skills could transform your business.


“I would recommend the Ultimate Tender Coach package to anyone starting out in bid writing/management. It provides a full overview of the bid process, which has been extremely helpful in developing my understanding of my bid writing role within the wider system of commercial and bid management. I have particularly enjoyed the pull-out interactive documents provided and the helpful lists of acronyms/key words to note – they are a life saver!”

Anna Cox, Graduate Bid Writer at The Clancy Group

The Clancy Group, June 2022

“Ultimate Tender Coach is, as the name suggests, the ultimate course you need for learning all about the UK public sector tenders and bids process. It covers a huge amount of tips and tricks that are worth knowing for a competitive advantage.”

Zain Daniyal, Data Consultant

ML Sense Ltd, July 2022

Ultimate Tender Coach is delivered by AM Bid, one of the UK’s leading bidding and tender consultancies. We consistently achieve 80%+ bid success rates for local, regional and national organisations on contracts worth anything from £50 thousand to £500 million. We offer a wide range of services from bid writing and management to bid gap analysis and recruitment support.

Our team of seasoned tender writers and managers based across the UK are experienced in over 25 sectors and specialise in telling our client’s stories in a way that resonates with decision-makers.

We have developed a range of tried and tested strategies to turn bid/tender opportunities into lucrative business wins. We have taken this knowledge and expertise to create Ultimate Tender Coach. This is a brand new and unique public sector bid writing training programme which can also act as an in-house resource for all those looking to improve their bid writing skills.

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