AM Bid partners with Elmhurst Energy to boost SME engagement with public sector

Award winning bidding and tender specialist, AM Bid, has announced a new partnership with Elmhurst Energy, the UK’s largest independent provider of energy assessment training, software and accreditation. The two companies are joining forces to promote the opportunities that exist for SMEs to bid for and win public sector contracts.

The UK public sector tenders out more than £290 billion annually and has a stated aim to increase SME participation in its supply chain to more than £96 billion by the end of 2022. These contracts provide sustainable revenue streams, fast payment and guaranteed work.

This could be transformational for Elmhurst Energy’s members made up of energy and retrofit businesses, especially with the sector leading the drive to Net-Zero carbon emissions.

There is an enormous opportunity for businesses with the right bid-writing skills and expertise to capitalise on these valuable contracts. However, according to AM Bid’s research found in the Navigating the Public Procurement Minefield report, less than half (46%) of SMEs bidding are successful when bidding for public contracts and many others are not bidding at all.

AM Bid set out to provide the help and support needed by. using their experience and expertise to create Ultimate Tender Coach, an online training programme designed to provide energy and retrofit businesses with all the skills they need to win public sector contracts. It also includes ongoing support through weekly Q&A calls and access to an experts’ forum.

David Gray, managing director of AM Bid and creator of Ultimate Tender Coach, commented: “We are delighted to be working with Elmhurst Energy to encourage SME engagement in the public sector and champion upskilling business to achieve success.

“Many businesses are missing out on a huge opportunity as a result of not having the skills or expertise to write winning bids. However, with some help and guidance it really is possible, and we are proud to play an active role in reaching the £96 billion target.”

Stuart Fairlie, managing director, Elmhurst Energy explains: “Elmhurst believes that Ultimate Tender Coach can help equip our energy and retrofit members with the relevant skills and knowledge to confidently tender for, and win, public contracts.

“A large volume of EPC and retrofit work comes through public contracts and it is worth a significant amount of money. We want to see more SMEs benefiting from the opportunity and are encourage our members to upskill and win more business.”

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