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10 Key Considerations for Public Sector Bidding Success in 2022

The UK public sector tenders out more than £290 billion annually on buying goods and services, and in 2022 aims to increase the SME share by 21%, from £76 billion to more than £96 billion.

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22 Bid Trends for 2022

As more businesses look to bid for new contracts both in the UK and further afield, bid experts, Andrew Morrison and David Gray, directors at AM Bid, have compiled a list of 22 bid trends for the new year.

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5 Ways to Resource Your Bids During Holiday Seasons

Holiday periods can provide some headaches for bidders. Who will write and manage your bids when key staff are on holiday? We provide 5 helpful suggestions below for bidders.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Bidding to the Public Sector

The private sector has experienced a marked decline in the release of contracts and initiation of projects due to the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Contractors feeling these effects must identify more consistent and guaranteed sources of revenue if they are to operate and grow in the Covid-19 era. Pivoting to deliver public sector contracts will support organisations of all sizes and kickstart the growth of the UK economy.

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40 Common Bidding Mistakes – and how to avoid them!

We all make mistakes, however diligent we are. This can especially be the case when working under pressure and/or on complex, high profile projects. Unfortunately, in a bid situation mistakes can cost you the bid. To help you prevent that from happening, here are some tips that you can use to build in processes and safeguards that help you avoid or deal with them.

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Navigating the Public Procurement Minefield

In order to gain a detailed insight into the experiences of the UK SME community as well as an understanding of how
they would like to see public procurement improved, we surveyed 200 SME company directors to discover more
about their commercial interactions with the public sector.

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Strict public sector tender rules stifle innovation, say over 40% of SMEs

New research has revealed that over two fifths (41%) of British SMEs believe the parameters set out in public sector tenders are too proscriptive and they are stifling innovation in their responses. The finding is among a series of frustrations SMEs have with the tendering process which are actively discouraging them from pursuing public contracts.

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SMEs want public sector ‘to do more’ to remove tendering barriers

Over 90% of British SMEs think the public sector should be more accommodating and do more to remove the tendering barriers they face when bidding for public sector contracts, according to new research carried out by tender training platform Ultimate Tender Coach.

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